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Christian Dating South Africa offers all devote Christian singles in South Africa the chance to find love. We at Christian Dating South Africa are well aware of how truly difficult it is to find a partner who shares the same beliefs as you in this day and age. We have made the process of looking for love all that much easier for you. Christian Dating Online South Africa gives all members a user friendly online dating site experience and will allow you to connect with those who are connected to God.

Our online dating community is hugely successful due to our quality service and the time invested in out site and our members. We are constantly looking to improve our dating site and are always coming up with innovative ways to bring our members together and possibly create a true love connection. We offer a number of user friendly online dating tools for all our members.

Member Profiles

All members are required to create their own personalised user profile. This is the place where you get to express who you are and what you are looking for in a partner. You are also able to post pictures, quotes and status’s on your user profile making it a personalised and interactive experience for all members. You are also able to comment on other users profile pictures or images (if you are part of their friend network). This is what sets us apart from the run of the mill dating sites that are out there. We are all about interaction and getting to know a person online through interactive communication.


Christian Dating Online also comes fully equipped with a chat-room option for all members. Here you can engage in conversation with other members or you can request a private chat with one of our other members.

Discussion Forums

Every day we will open the board to discussion on the daily psalm. This is a place to get in contact with your Christian beliefs and learn about other members beliefs and views of the subject of the bible. Nothing offensive will be tolerated in these forums, this is a safe place for people to get in touch with their religion and with God. This is a place of growth, learning and interactive communication.

Find Godly love with us at Christian Dating South Africa

“And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them together in perfect unity.”
Colossians 3:14